Our terms & conditions

  • Delivery dates can change only upon mutual agreement
  • Delivery pricing ranges according to location, weight of cargo
  • Goods must be inspected upon delivery , or within 24 hours since the goods are placed on the agreed warehouse / forwarder
  • Goods remain in AllTech Sp z o.o. property until paid in full
  • Payment or proof of payment must be submitted maximum within 24 hours since delivery date, this in case the payment is not upfront
  • AllTech Sp z o.o. have the right to withhold deposit by client in case of cancellation of deal without mutual agreement between the two parties
  • AllTech Sp z o.o. provide no credit
About AllTech
  • AllTech Sp z o.o. will not accept return of goods after the inspection of goods has taken place

How to get in touch

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Fax: (+48) 717184043


Company information

AllTech Sp. z o.o.
ul. A. Ostrowskiego 7/406
53-238 Wrocław

VAT/NIP: PL8992759518
REGON: 360120550
KRS: 0000531936

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